What is Yardstick?

A Yardstick is a measurement tool.

Yardstick is your intelligent solution to the ongoing measurement and analysis of your energy, emissions, water and key performance data.

Yardstick is a completely web based software package designed specifically for the built commercial environment.

Automatic Data Capture

Yardstick will effortlessly manage the collection and administration of key data, whilst maintaining up to date tariff and carbon emission values.

Yardstick can access smart meters directly, access master meter data through distributors as well as other metering data such as gas and water.

Performance Management

Analyse and monitor your single building or portfolio performance. Set benchmarks or compare against the HFM benchmark.


Yardstick has an extensive range of reports for consumption analysis, cost breakdown, site comparison and benchmarking.

A full suite of reporting options are available to cover all NABERS, NGERS, EEO and other compliance reporting requirements.

Other Features

  • Utility bill analysis to ensure that actual usage and tariffs are being properly calculated in accordance with contract rates
  • Data repository for online storage of key documentation e.g. energy audits, consultant reviews etc
  • Estimation module which generates estimates (accruals) of missing data in order to smooth reporting cycles when bills have not been received
  • Widget graphs and displays e.g. CO2-e per day, that can be published on internet/intranet sites

HFM Asset Management

HFM Asset Management offers solutions to the sustainable performance of your business and the built environment. HFM's 'Roadmap' will ensure on going building efficiency, cost reductions and reporting compliance.

For more information please visit the HFM website www.hfmassets.com.au